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In skin overnight back Italy to 6:0 of victory Chase flat Guangzhou team history Shang in top League of maximum win ball records zhihou, Guangzhou constant big finally from Asia Crown out of huge pressure Xia sustained getting over to, in this field game after, Guangzhou constant big of Xia a round League is September 13 away against Shanghai Shang Hong Kong, has a dozen day holiday of Lippi also in game Hou first time directly visiting airport, ride flights returned to Italy. Replace Lippi Rodney attending  nike lunar force 1 uk the news conference were motor, the Guangzhou evergrande's Executive coach into the press conference scene caused the noise, Maddaloni, and played a joke on journalists, he said pointing to his own head in English: Marcello Lippi. I'm in skins. Rodney then motor, pointing to his hair and glasses: look, white hair, and glasses, Lippi, I'm Lippi. This episode shows motor rental in a good mood.




Canada outdoor brand Ransom Holding Co. date for fall 2014 footwear series to create a new shape matching Lookbook. The range includes tall boots, desert boots and low-top sneakers and other footwear, tannin and natural leather, ballistic nylon, comfortable material made into shoes, brand of outdoor skills. Through the  nike air force 1 low sale  Yosemite National Park in the mountains framing, series, shape according to present the full atmosphere of outdoor wear fit. Recently Australia FEIT release manual brand new Biotrainer Mid version. Brand has been known for its craftsmanship, the shoes continues the classic running shoe silhouette, selected after dyeing of Chamois leather, smooth leather hand-stitched shoes, Buffalo leather shoe comfort and sweat have improved, with its powerful, lightweight shoe stretch, provides the user with a comfortable wearing experience.




National soccer team in Anshan in Perrin took office soon after the fourth friendlies, against a came from Western Asia Kuwait. China hopes Asian Cup rivals as Saudi Arabia's potential enemies, rivals also want to treat China as Korea team to play. Pre-match Kuwait coach Vieira said: the game process is more important than the results for us. Kuwait also in reconstruction among, they also very attention this field warm-up, Vieira said: on tomorrow of game, I think game is a very good of exercise opportunities, we are in is important of preparing for period, November to playing Bay Cup, next year to playing Asia Cup, I now hopes players can more playing international game, more of accumulated experience, feel different football style, this is I overall preparing for of approach.

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